About Us

We support the cardano network

By offering high quality, low fees stacking service, we hope to provide a reliable infrastructure to our delegators and to the cardano environment.

  • High pledged pool
  • Globally distributed nodes
  • Automatic deployement
  • Fail-over solution
  • Air-gapped keys
  • High availability hosting

0 %


60 +


9 m +

Stacked ADA


managed servers
Worldwide location

Geo-dispersed Relays



About Us

Meet the team

Our team is a small group of seasoned IT professionals with extensive expertise in system administration, network security, web development and cloud computing.
PolyPool aims to establish itself as the trusted partner for those looking to participate in the decentralized Cardano ecosystem and contribute to its further development.

Our approach

0% stake pool

For as long as our pool is not saturated, we do not plan on increasing the fees of POLY.
Once and if saturation is ever met, fees will be dynamically increased by 1% increment, once a month, to a maximum of 3%. If saturation decreases we will lower them.
We think this is the best approach to provide long term stability to our delegators, as well as pay for the pool.