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Get started with Poly Pool for consistent staking rewards backed by reliable and secure infrastructure.
About Us

We support the cardano network

By offering high quality, low fees stacking service, we hope to provide a reliable infrastructure to our delegators and to the cardano environment.

  • High pledged pool
  • Globally distributed nodes
  • Automatic deployement
  • Fail-over solution
  • Air-gapped keys
  • High availability hosting

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About Us

A pragmatic approach

To dynamically keep the lowest fees while avoiding saturation of the pool, this is the pragmatic approach that should be the norm in Cardano pools.

Pool operator since the ITN, member of the Friends&Families of Mainnet’s official testers, we are two security administrators and devOps professionals with extensive expertise in system & network security and cloud computing.

We are not youtubers, and we won’t make you pay for it in fees !

Our approach

0% stake pool

For as long as our pool is not saturated, we do not plan on increasing the fees of POLY.
Once and if saturation is ever met, fees will be dynamically increased, once a month, with the objective to remain in the top 50 of Adapools.

We think this is the best approach to provide long term stability to our delegators, assure them they are delegating with the lowest fees as well as pay for the pool.

With POLY you can stake and be sure to have the best returns, now and in the future !